(For Doctor PG of 2015) Tasks in the 3rd semester

Dear all, in this semester, you need do the tasks  or make up the profiles as following:

1.Make up the Teaching Plan.

2. Make up the Reaserch Design.

3. Begin to write the Opening Report Records.

4. Begin to prepare the Interim Progree Review.

   the Interim Progree Review: A formal presentation about your research, evaluated by experts from your discipline. The result will decide whether you can further your research.(We will reminde you about 4 week earlier, however you can prepare that in advance.)

Please write all the contents above in the following table, print it out. When finish it please keep it well. It's a necessary profile to apply for the degree.

(中英对照) 留博培养计划 科研设计 开题报告 中期考核登记表 .docx

Teaching Affair Office