(For Doctor PG ) Records for Doctor PG 博士研究生课程记录本(博士沙龙、读书报告、讲座参与)

Dear doctor PG,

according to your teaching plan, every doctor students should represent reading reports at least for 5 times, participate and listen lectures for at least 2 times. Besides, you need to organize academic salon at least for once, participate 4 times.


The courses are all compulsory. Please hand in these records at the end of the 2nd semester.

If you need extra recording book, you can download here.

TABLE 1. Records for Doctor PG 博士研究生课程记录本(博士沙龙、读书报告、讲座参与).pdf


TIPS: Academic salon should hand in digital application table first.

Please click here.(http://sie.njmu.edu.cn/s/135/t/336/e3/53/info58195.htm)