(For Master PG of 2015) Tasks in the 3rd semester

Dear all, in this semester, you need do the tasks as following:


1.Make up the Teaching Plan. Use Table 1, or you can use the PG system.

Table1 培养计划(Teaching Plan).doc


2.Begin the Clinical Rotation (Within the discipline),use TABLE 2 or TABLE 3(According to your specialty.)

(Keep it well,hand in it when you apply for the degree.)

Table 2.(Clinical Training Handbook)临床技能训练记录及考核手册——临床学科.doc

Table 3.(Clinical Trainng Hangbook of Specialty of Imaging)临床技能训练记录及考核手册——影像学.doc


3.Tidy your Research Recording

  Beacause the PG system will add the time automatically.In case of system broken,please print out the research result in time,otherwise you will should the responsiblity by yourself.

  Your previous reseaching recordings cannot be made up in the system.Use research recording notebook(the brown cover), please.You can ask for extra ones from Teaching Affair Office, SIE.Please call 86862135 or 86869115,before you come to fetch it.


4.Mid-term Examination (VERY IMPORTANT)

  A formal presentation about your research, evaluated by experts from your discipline. The result will decide whether you can further your research.(We will reminde you about 4 week earlier, however you can prepare that in advance.)


TIPS: How to use the PG system? Please click here.(http://sie.njmu.edu.cn/s/135/t/336/e0/24/info57380.htm)

Teaching Affair Office