SIE 1st Semester, Academic Year 2015-2016 On-line Teacher Evaluation Announcement


To whom it may concern,

   The on-line teacher Evaluation system of 1st semester, academic year 2015-2016 will be open to you soon. From this semester, “M南医” App can be used to complete the teaching quality evaluation. In order to improve our teaching quality, each student is required to login to the system to finish the evaluation. 

I. When to evaluate:

From 11 October, 2015 to 22 January, 2016

II. Whom is being evaluated:

The teaching circumstance of all the teachers who have organized courses for MBBS students at 1st semester, academic year 2015-2016

III. How to evaluate:

Visit our link→Download “M 南医” App by mobile phones→ Login to the system→ Enter the web page of teaching quality evaluation →Evaluate teachers who have finished their own teaching task →Click the “Submit” button (Please download the PPT to get more information)


a. All the students are required to finish teaching quality evaluation or you will be unable to check your exam result on line.

b. If you fail to enter our system after inputting your information, make sure your password and username is correct first. (As usual, your username and password are the same as your E-learning system. Your username is your student ID number and the password is set by yourself.)

c. If you find that the name of courses and instructor’s names are incorrect, please inform the Office of Teaching Affairs.


Office of Teaching Affairs

 11 October, 2015

How to assess teachers by app.pptx