Tables about Doctor PG Students Academic Salon(博士生学术沙龙相关表格)


According to doctor PG students' teaching plan, every doctor students should organize academic for once,while participate for 4 times, at least.

Before you organize a salon, you should fill in table 1(Application for Doctor Salon),and send it to e-mail: (Victoria, 86862135, 13770965187) You need to make a poster, and call on the audience by yourself. Please contact Victoria for help.

Besides the self-organized one, you should participate in other doctor PGs' salon at least 4 times, and please use table 2(Records for Doctor Salon).Please remember to get the signatures of the lecturers and teachers of Teaching Affair Office, SIE.

Hand in the profiles above to Teaching Affair Office before the end of the forth semester.

TABLE 1. (Application for Doctor Salon)博士沙龙申请表.doc

TABLE 2 (Records for Doctor Salon)博士沙龙记录表.doc