2024 NMU Admission Information for Doctoral Program



Doctoral program is a postgraduate program focusing on academic training leading to a PhD degree in the following fields:

Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Stomatology, Reproductive Medicine, Oncology, Anesthesiology, Neurology, Otolaryngology, Emergency Medicine, Geriatrics, Dermatology and Venereology, Histology and Embryology, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Statistics, Physiology, Genetics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Clinical Pharmacy, Hygiene Toxicology, Ophthalmic Specialty, Occupational and Environmental Health, Immunology, Human Anatomy, Medical Engineering, Medical Technology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medical Humanities, Health Policy & Management, Community medicine and Health Pedagogy, Nursing, Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Forensic Medicine, Pathology and Pathophysiology, Pathogen Biology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Basic Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, etc.



Regular length of study for the doctoral programs: 3 years



Apply from November 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 (Applicants seeking Chinese Government Scholarship need to submit at least two weeks before the scholarship application deadline announced by CSC.)



1. Applicant must be a master’s or doctoral degree holder of an age no older than 40 at the time of enrollment.

2. Postgraduate CGPA≥3.0on a scale of 4.0or its equivalent.

3. Programs being applied to should be closely related to the applicant's master’s degree.

4. English Proficiency. Applicant should satisfy one of the following:

(1) IELTS result (total score at least 6, each item score at least 5), or TOEFL result (Internet based no less than 85 points, no less than 15 points per individual), or other proficiency test scores.

(2) The teaching language of the applicant's previous degree is English.



1. Applicants are encouraged to contact an NMU supervisor in the relevant field and obtain the supervisor's acceptance intent before submitting the application. A Letter of Supervisor Acceptance Intent for 2024 NMU Admission is necessary to complete an application. An incomplete application without the letter will also be reviewed, but needs to be supplemented subsequently with such letter. The admission office will assist those applicants to contact prospective supervisors. (Please find the attachment for the list of supervisors and a template of Letter of Supervisor Acceptance Intent for 2024 NMU Admission.)

2. All applicants should submit the materials, including the Letter of Supervisor Acceptance Intent for 2024 NMU Admission and published articles (if any), through our online application system (http://admission.njmu.edu.cn/). In addition, for applicants seeking a Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC scholarship), a separate application should be submitted in the CSC system together with the Supervisor Acceptance Letter.

3. According to a preliminary review of the application materials and the requirements of relevant academic school/department, eligible applicants will participate in an interview. The applicants will be notified of the specific arrangements separately.

4. NMU will issue a PRE-ADMISSION LETTER to those qualified applicants.

5. Qualified applicants pay a non-refundable deposit payment of CNY5,000 within the period specified in the PRE-ADMISSION LETTER.

6. NMU will send OFFICIAL ADMISSION LETTER and relevant materials for Visa Application for Study in China (JW201/JW202 form) after receiving the deposit. Failure to pay the deposit within designated period may result in a cancellation of admission.

7. Incoming students apply for an X Visa at an embassy or consulate of P.R. China, along with the OFFICIAL ADMISSION LETTER and the JW201/JW202 form.

8. Applicants in their final year of study will also be considered for admission. However, such admission does not exempt the applicants from their responsibility to present all required original documents (graduation diploma, degree certificate, transcript, language proficiency certificate and other attachment materials, etc.) at registration. Failure to obtain and present all required original documents will result in the cancellation of admission.



1. Passport copy with at least 1-year validity period

2. Letter of Supervisor Acceptance Intent for 2024 NMU Admission

3. Previous degrees (notarized photocopy)

4. Transcripts of previous studies starting from undergraduate (notarized photocopy)

5. Certificate of non-criminal record

6. A study or research plan in English (1,000 words or above)

7. Two letters of recommendation in English

8. Digital color photo in white background (Format: JPG, 100-500KB)



1.  Registration Fee: CNY500

2.  Tuition: CNY38, 000/Year

3.  Accommodation Fee: Nanjing Medical University offers housing services to our students subject to availability, We have about xxx units ranging from single room to four bedrooms, located conveniently on our campus. Single room on Jiangning and Wutai campuses, CNY 12,000/Year*person; Double room on Jiangning Campus, CNY 6,000/Year*person; Double room on Wutai Campus, CNY 8,000/Year*person; Three-bedroom on Wutai campus, CNY6,800/Year*person; Four-bedroom on Wutai campus, CNY6,000/Year*person.

4. Utilities will be charged according to actual usage on a monthly basis.



Scholarship Category


Value (CNY)

Chinese   Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship)

To   be decided

To   be decided

Jiangsu   Government Scholarship-Full Scholarship

To   be decided


Nanjing   Government Scholarship

To   be decided


Full Tuition   Scholarship of NMU

100%   (excluding government scholarship recipients)



China Scholarship Council will decide Chinese Government Scholarship amount.

Chinese Government Scholarship website link: http://www.csc.edu.cn/Laihua/indexen.aspx

Jiangsu government will decide the seats of Jiangsu Government Scholarship.



Contact person: Ms. Liu

Phone: +86-25-86869109

Email: intlgradapp@njmu.edu.cn